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Brewbabu - quirky boutique tea shop specialising in a large selection of loose leaf teas blended especially for Brewbabu, with exquisite coffee and food to match


We truly believe that Brewbabu is the perfect venue for your private event. We’re committed to delivering professional, high-quality and adaptable service in order to accommodate any idea you have in mind.

Looking to schedule a baby shower for a soon-to-be mum, or conduct your private business conference in a comfortable and welcoming setting? We've got you covered.

Scroll down to explore some of our many exciting upcoming events, and to check out some of our previous events.



Check out some of the events we've held in the past, and find out - from those that attended - why BrewBabu is the perfect venue for your event.

Iain's Pre-Wedding Celebration

In the midst of Summer 2017 on a beautiful Sunday morning, we were honoured to host a pre-wedding celebration for the groom - a delightful regular customer of ours at BrewBabu - and many of his family and friends.


With a selection of fantastic cakes, a handful of prosecco bottles and crisp Italian beers, we set out to ensure Iain's day started off positively and in good spirits.


Successful all-around, Iain had only great things to say about his choice to hold an event at BrewBabu:

"A huge thank you for looking after us yesterday morning - you really helped set up the most amazing day for us, and I'll be forever grateful"