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Brewbabu - quirky boutique tea shop specialising in a large selection of loose leaf teas blended especially for Brewbabu, with exquisite coffee and food to match

Loose Leaf Tea

Tea is top of the agenda for us, with great selections to have in or take home. If you are bored with tea bags and the same old tea, you have come to the right place.

Our mission is to make loose leaf tea exciting and adventurous. Come on in and rekindle your love with tea by letting it out the bag so it can do its magic.

With a choice of 14 different teas, you may welcome advice from the knowledgeable staff, who will guide you through the menu. The intriguing range includes English Breakfast, blended from Assam and Ceylon teas, a delicate white tea called Pai Mu Dan made from the two youngest leaves, and the gorgeously aromatic Masala Chai, laced with spices and herbs.

All the blends are unique to Brewbabu, chosen and blended by a tea master.

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Our Blends

Find out a little about each of our award-winning teas...

English Breakfast

This rich, malty, tippy Assam black tea is combined with refreshing Ceylon black tea for a satisfying, flavoursome brew.

Strong Brew

Rich Assam with robust Kenyan black teas for a fortifying, bright and hearty brew.

Citrus Earl Grey

Light, refreshing Ceylon Uva black tea, with its characteristic notes of citrus and pine, scented with natural bergamot and enhanced with a sprinkle of honey-sweet orange blossom and zesty lemon peel.

Masala Chai

Rich, tippy golden Assam black tea laced with generous helpings of warming, aromatic spices.

Himalayan Afternoon

First Flush Darjeeling black tea, complemented beautifully by refreshing Nepalese Ilam black tea.

Darjeeling Special Blend

This special blend is made from first-flush Darjeeling black tea, the 'champagne of teas', blended with light Ceylon Orange Pekoe. The result is flavours of peaches and cream finished with fragrant jasmine and a sprinkling of golden sunflower petals.

Violet Dream

Light, refreshing Sri Lankan black tea bursting with the exquisite, floral aroma of sweet violet and topped off with a sprinkling of striking red cornflowers.

Lapsang Souchong

This distinctive Chinese black tea has been dried over smouldering pine, producing a smooth and smoky brew - a perfect accompaniment to savoury foods.

Flowering Tea

These intriguing Chinese flower balls are intricately handcrafted from the finest green tea and whole blossoms. As the ball infuses, watch the tea leaves slowly unfurl to reveal the stunning display of delicate flowers.

Jasmine & Rose

We have layered this fine green Jasmine tea with pink rose petals for a heavenly scent and exquisite flavour.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls

Only the youngest buds of the tea bush are dried with aromatic jasmine blossoms and then carefully rolled into delicate pearls to make this precious green tea.

Yunnan Green

A full bodied, easy-drinking green tea from one of the oldest tea growing regions in the world. The smooth, vibrant green liquor is gently reviving and thought to be rich in antioxidants.

Pai Mu Dan

This delicate Chinese white tea is made only from the two youngest leaves and a bud of the tea bush and is thought to be rich in antioxidants.

Oolong Iron Goddess of Mercy

Smooth and creamy with delicate hints of peach and floral notes, this semi-oxidised white tea reveals layers of complex flavours with every sip.

Berry Blend

A vibrant herbal blend brimming with strawberries and a host of other super berries and fruits. Beautifully served hot or ice cold on a hot summer's day.

Moroccan Mint

A classic, internationally-loved combination of robust Chinese green tea and cooling refreshing peppermint. Drunk all day long in Morocco from dainty decorative glasses with lashings of sugar syrup, this herbal tea makes the perfect digestive tonic.


Light, refreshing, cooling and sweet are but a few words to describe this classic post-dinner palate cleanser. Naturally both settling and calming. Peppermint exudes an instantly familiar aroma yet still feels fresh every time the amber herbal liquor reaches your lips.

Wellness Rooibos Orange Cream

A sweet, orange-flavoured, caffeine-free wellness blend, packed with elderflower - a traditional antiviral remedy - and Echinacea which is believed to be anti-bacterial.

Essential Energy Lemon & Ginger

This is a caffeine-kick and a vitamin hit, blended from zesty lemongrass, lemon peel and warming ginger, a traditional circulatory and digestive wellness tonic, with just a touch of stimulating chili.


A low tannin, caffeine-free rooibos with vanilla and lavender. Since rooibos is a natural relaxant and lavender promotes a feeling of calm, this aromatic wellness blend will allow you to de-stress and relax.

Sleep Well

A light, floral wellness tisane combining chamomile and lemon balm to promote deep relaxation, with passionflower for it's soporific properties.

Peppermint Liver Tonic

This cooling wellness infusion makes a perfect digestive, with added benefits of liquorice, barberry bark, milk thistle and nettle to detoxify the liver and purify the blood.

Cherry Ade Cooler

A colourful, cheeky cherry herbal infusion bursting with fruity flavour and aroma, with an added kick of zingy lemongrass, energizing ginseng and naturally sweet stevia. Deliciously refreshing served iced and surprisingly virtuous.

Berry Ade Cooler

A vibrate blend brimming with strawberries and a host of other super berries, with a hint of elderflower and honey. Beautifully served iced on a hot summer’s day.

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Each tea is brewed at its optimum temperature, with black teas brewed hotter at 100°C than the more delicate white and green teas, at 80°C.

The water is filtered, the pot is warmed, the tea leaves are carefully measured and then delivered to your table with an accompanying egg timer to ensure you don’t under- or over-brew. An infuser allows you to remove the leaves when ready and avoid an over-brewed second cup.